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March 6, 2015  —   by Michael Newman
The Stories That Bind Us

In his provocative New York Times piece from March of 2013 (, author Bruce Feiler illustrates the incredible, nurturing impact of recording and sharing family history.

It may be surprising, but developing a strong family narrative has profound impacts.  Knowing your family history leads to higher self-esteem, a stronger sense of control over your life, and a sense of belief in your families ability to function.  It is the number one predictor of emotional health and happiness for children.

We’ve heard from countless families that have used to record family stories and connect them to important family heirlooms like quilts and pictures.  Tell your family story, both the successes and how you dealt with adversity – doing so improves your ability to bounce back from problems in the future.

February 23, 2015  —   by Michael Newman
Quilt History

One of the things we love about quilts is that they are three things in one.  Obviously they are functional, never more-so then during this cold winter.  And just as obviously they are works of art – some simple, some incredibly intricate, but all reflecting the eye of the quilter.

Maybe less obvious, however, is that they are pieces of history, reflecting the life of the creator, the recipient, and their times.  This is reflected in the diversity of quilt exhibits currently showing around the country.

The New York Times recently wrote about a show at Lehman College exhibiting 14 quilts in the Gee’s Bend tradition.  Gee’s Bend quilts were made by African-American women that descended from slaves and sharecroppers near Selma, Alabama.

In Pittsburgh, an entirely different community is viewing an expression of culture and history through quilts in the “BubbeWisdom” exhibit.

And in Urbana, Ohio a display of 17 quilts is being used to convey messages of peace and serve as a memoriam for a flight attendant killed on 9/11 aboard United Airlines flight 175.–peace-memorial-quilt-exhibit.html is honored to have so many quilts using our StoryPatches to capture the history of their quilt as part of long and valued tradition in quilting.

February 12, 2015  —   by Michael Newman
Preserving Quilt History

Quilting’s history runs deep, with millions of passionate participants, but didn’t start out with quilting in mind – and didn’t even come up with the idea of bringing our technology to the community.  We were invited in after first participating at craft shows for  scrapbookers; quilters in attendance saw the fit and suggested we make a fabric version of our stickers. How right they were!

Quilt labels create a connection to future generations.  Traditionally, labeling a quilt meant adding your initials.  Today, that has evolved to signing your name, or even printing a custom label with your name, the date you finished your quilt – even a short written message to the recipient or description of the elements in the quilt. offers an excellent background on quilt labeling:

Our StoryPatches represent the natural evolution of this tradition.  Thousands of quilters now literally add their voice to their quilts through an audio or video recording connected to their StoryPatch.  StoryPatches are the perfect intersection of old traditions and new technology, empowering quilters to connect their voice to an item meant to become a family heirloom for generations to come.

StoryPatches Quilt Labels

StoryPatches Quilt Labels

StoryPatches come in two material choices (iron-on and sew-on) that work identically.  They can be purchased through our online store and at quilt shops around the country.

February 3, 2014  —   by Michael Newman
New Feature Monday!

New from – record audio and video messages directly on our website!

Thanks to our customers for the awesome suggestion – and our team for building the solution!  You can now create audio and video messages directly fromthe web site.  No more switching from one program to the next, or having to figure out how to use that webcam on your laptop – we’ve done it for you!

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.05.57 PM

To get started, simply type in your ten-letter code in the “Create” box, and select either Audio or Video as your message type.  You can still pick something already on your computer – or choose “Record Audio” or “Record Video” to make your message right there on the spot.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.06.22 PM

You will be asked by Adobe Flash to use your camera and microphone – please click “Allow” – and then you can record, review, re-record – whatever you need to get your message just right.  You will need a computer with a microphone and/or camera – and make sure that the volume is turned on!

January 14, 2014  —   by Michael Newman
Walsworth Partners with to Reinvent Signing Day

Walsworth reinvents signing day with Yearbook Shout video signatures

Overland Park, Kan. (Jan. 14, 2014) – Walsworth Yearbooks announced it is taking the tradition of yearbook signing day to the next level with its exclusive new mobile app, Yearbook Shout.

gI_81530_YearbookShoutAppIcon copy

“Yearbook signing day has always been a long-standing tradition and is part of what makes a yearbook such a precious keepsake, and now Yearbook Shout makes that experience even more relevant for today’s students by giving them a way to leave video messages alongside their printed signatures,” said Don Walsworth, president of Walsworth.

Yearbook Shout gives parents and students the ability to leave video messages, or “Shouts,” for one another. Yearbook purchasers receive a sticker sheet of Yearbook Shout codes unique to their yearbook. Then, they will scan a code using Yearbook Shout, Walsworth’s exclusive app powered by, and record personal video shouts for their friends. When they sign their friend’s yearbook, they can include the sticker code and video message.

Walsworth has partnered with, a technology company that specializes in associating text, audio and video messages with printed material, to be the first yearbook company to bring this personalized video experience to market.

“Adding digital excitement to printed materials is at the core of who we are,” said Mike Newman, president of  “Walsworth’s commitment to innovation makes them the perfect partner to bring this technology to the yearbook experience.”

Walsworth announced Yearbook Shout on Jan. 3, 2014, at the company’s annual national sales meeting in Fort Myers, Fla.

“Our partnership with demonstrates Walsworth’s continuing leadership to embracing mobile technology and creating solutions that enhance the value of yearbooks in ways that are meaningful to students and parents,” said Walsworth.

About Walsworth

Walsworth Publishing Company is among the 50 largest printing companies in the U.S. The company is among the top five yearbook printers and is the only American- and family-owned publisher of yearbooks. Started in 1937 by Don Walsworth, current leadership is under the second and third generations: Don O. Walsworth, CEO, and his son, Don Walsworth, president. The company operates from administrative offices and printing and binding facilities in Marceline, Mo., a prepress facility in Brookfield, Mo., a sales and marketing office in Kansas City, Mo., and a printing facility in Saint Joseph, Mich. Additionally, Walsworth owns the Donning Company Publishers in Virginia Beach, Va., a specialty book publisher, and The Ovid Bell Press in Fulton, Mo., a printer of journals and magazines.

About, inc. develops innovative products and services that empowers the connection of the digital and physical worlds. partners with leading consumer product companies and retailers to bring this technology to a variety of channels around the world. They are headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.  Learn more at


To learn more about the Walsworth– partnership, contact Alex Blackwell at, or 816-941-0777, ext. 5769.


January 4, 2014  —   by Michael Newman
New Year – New Website, New Apps

2014 is kicking off with a bang for us here at  We have been working tirelessly to update our website, iOS and Android apps, and couldn’t be more excited for what we have in store.

New Features
In addition to video, photo, audio and text messages, you can now upload office documents to your codes, or create a direct link to any other website. This is perfect for use with the brand new eMarkings journals and planners, on sale now at select Staples stores across the country.

You will also see a totally rethought library. Instead of a long list of your codes, your library has become picture-perfect! All new photo and video messages you create will automatically include a thumbnail to help you quickly and easily find your messages. And coming soon, you can add a new cover image to any message, no matter the type.

Bug Fixes
The new iOS app includes a lot of work under the hood to improve the speed and stability of the app. That same effort is just wrapping up for Android. The new release coming out for Android will fix a long list of items that have impacted usability on certain Android phones.

This is just the start! Look for a steady stream of announcements of new products, new partners – and new releases to our app and website over the next few months with a long list of features to make even more exciting!

December 10, 2013  —   by Michael Newman
Sharing in the Digital Age

have alot of pictures of my dog on my phone.  I also have a lot of pictures ofmy dog on my computer, my iPad, my digital camera and in the cloud. I have pictures all over the place! Some are great, some are average and some are just outrageous. I have a very photogenic dog.

I’m not the only one that loves my dog.  My sister, friends, niece and nephews – even my father who isn’t a “dog person” – have all joined the cult of Maizey.  I share those photos frequently.  Maybe too frequently.  I record and record. I e-mail, tweet, post, text.  Embed, download and pin.  I create, I share, I repeat.


That sharing tends to become just one more message in the daily avalanche of digital content we all consume.  New baby photos too often get sandwiched between that constant flow – a work e-mail, a sports score.  Maybe that super-interesting photo of what my high school friend ate for lunch.  You see – but it all mashes together.

Our ambition at is to create solutions to this problem – to make sharing a picture or a video with your family and friends a little more special.

With our codes you can bring that digital delight to actual, physical items.  Your gift tag can do more than just include “I love you” in your handwriting – it can be you saying “I love you”, in your voice. Your wedding album can be more than pictures of your first dance – you can watch your first dance, right there.  With our codes, your message stands out and gets the focus it deserves.